We are Production Solved…

What does that mean exactly?

We help our clients, with any of your event production & video production needs.

Our solutions live at the intersection of the technology and creativity.

Whether you need to ideate an event, reveal a statue, produce a series of C-suite-focused videos, or identify the right technology to bring your event vision to fruition – we have the right experience and approach to identify a creative and comprehensive solution based on your exacting needs.

We are experienced and creative problem solvers who love what we do and love bringing our client’s events and video productions to life.

When it comes to production our capabilities are limitless and whether we’re producing a live broadcast from Las Vegas, or ideating and crafting an entire event from New York’s famed Literary Row we have the experience and capabilities to bring your productions to fruition.

video production tech behind the scene with monitor
Central park event unveiling of statue of Monumental Women event production with event production crew behind

We’ve got your Production covered

Our team understands the dynamics involved in a successful planned, rehearsed, & executed event production. As well as the particulars of working with top-tier executives to coach out powerful corporate video content.

We love what we do!

Helping clients identify, develop, and produce live events, global broadcasts, as well as branded video content and corporate video productions.

Production Solved is your partner in production.


Holistic in-person event production solutions that bring events to life and support our client’s vision for the experience at hand.


Produced virtually.
A la a live broadcast. We can manage the entire production and we’re purposely platform agnostic.


However you define hybrid events, our professional event production team will bring your vision to reality. A solution for all your needs.


For your brand and corporate video marketing strategy, we offer a turnkey creative & technology video production solution for any video content you may need .

Live Streaming & Broadcast Production


Check It Out

“Production runs in our DNA”
We love executing projects for clients across the globe.

Monumental Women Central Park Event production woman inside the event production truck

“I hired Jason to produce a series of audio podcasts for The Culinary Institute of America a few years back, when the podcast platform was new and taking off. 

Jason was very knowledgeable and guided us through the whole process. He delivered high-quality content at a very reasonable price. Jason was very efficient and a pleasure to work with

Scott Lucente

Director of Digital & Online Media,
The Culinary Institute of America

What our clients say...

“I have had the pleasure to working with Jason and the team and recommend his services highly. Jason is great to work with – he provides valuable knowledge & expertise, a lot of hand-holding and a superior end product. Jason also looks beyond the project at hand by setting up and creating opportunities for the future. I have so appreciated Jason’s insight, good humor and guidance throughout each project we have worked on together.”

Elizabeth Sherman

Senior Marketing Manager, Association Management Center

“Jason and his team filmed a financial services video for our firm and it took minimal effort for some terrific results. They are extremely professional and the end product was excellent.”

Richard Sincere

Founder/CEO, Sincere & Co., LLC


You’ve got questions? 



We pride ourselves on providing solutions that live at the intersection of the technology needed for production and the creative approach needed to convey your particular narrative.

We love a challenge and with 17 years of experience  we’ve helped a wide variety of clients to identify, meet and exceed their production requirements….in other words we are Production Solved.

We are based in New York City.

We proudly support clients and produce events and productions around the globe.

Our production team varies depending on the project at hand. We are proudly agile and scale our teams based on the requirements of each event production we produce.

We’ve worked with teams as small as 3 and scaled for event and broadcast productions that require over 50+ team members.

All of our event production solutions are routed in communication.

Projects usually entail a series of cadence calls guided by a project workback schedule and key milestones that drive each production.

Depending on the project at hand – we often provide a slack channel, shared Dropbox (or similar drive) and/or a custom client portal to keep all parties aligned.

That’s a million dollar question, kidding kidding. See what we did there?

Ok, so as you can imagine we often get this question all the time and the answer is, it depends on the production at hand.

As different events and video productions require different resources and approaches there is no one size fits all solution – in a sense, video production & event production solutions vary in cost in a similar fashion to building a home.

Our corporate event production solutions can be turnkey from concept through production.

We often work with our clients to listen to their vision and then ideate and develop a comprehensive approach to bring that vision to reality.

Similarly, we’re team players so sometimes we need to customize our solutions to ensure we aren’t duplicating client’s own internal efforts.