Virtual Events

Platform agnostic

Virtual event productions that can be incorporated into any platform or existing tech stack.

creative show development

Rich and dynamic digital event experiences customized for your event.

production management

From planning, execution to delivery. Virtual events that can reach global audiences.

What We Offer


Virtual Event Production – We can string a few cans together and produce an event that reaches global audiences. We view virtual event productions through a different lens (see what we did there – it’s a video production joke!

At Production Solved, virtual events are taken to another level – we view virtual events as an opportunity to craft a rich digital experience that is part platform and part broadcast.

At their core our virtual events are rich and dynamic broadcasts that can integrate speakers from any corner of the globe.

Our broadcasts are produced in the same manner as a live network newscast and can feature rich branding graphics, dynamic transitions, live guests, video roll-ins, and interactivity that engages global audiences. 

 Best of all, our virtual event productions can be integrated with any platform partner…we are happy to play nice in the sandbox if you have an existing tech stack or we can bring any number of solutions to the table through our trusted network of platform providers whom all provide white glove experiences and work within our team to ensure a cohesive production that meets your vision.

Examples of Our Virtual Event Productions:

American Magic Live Virtual Event

Life Sciences Summit Virtual Event

Amplitude DDS Live - Amplitude Disruptors Live Event

live event production with mutiple camera shots showing in the monitor
live virtual event production with timer

Virtual Productions, Produced Globally

An eye on all facets of production


We support presenters and panelists with the necessary tools to have success - i.e countdown clocks, remote slide control, inbound Q&A support and comms with our showcaller (if necessary.)


We produce virtual events like broadcasts. Audiences will feel like they’re watching a network program complete with transitions, embedded graphics, and dynamic video elements. All of this goes a long way to fight “zoom fatigue” and keep viewers engaged


We handle production in a number of different ways depending on the project at hand. While we’re producing for virtual we use the same team as we would for a standard broadcast or live event. Complete with an Executive Producer, Showcaller, and the right support team to ensure success.


Virtual Event Production Solutions

We view the virtual event production experience as a sum of all of the components; presenter and participant support, coupled with professional production solutions and the end user experience.

We’ve strategically built our solution, which results in a broadcast-grade television show platform agnostic and we can integrate with any technology solution.

Broadcast-grade Turnkey Solutions

virtual event production

behind the scene camera shots from different locations and speakers for YAI virtual event production