Cyclones Street Team Sizzle



The Brooklyn Cyclones, the minor league affiliate of the world famous New York Mets, selected Bob Carr to build a community based mobile marketing program to promote ticket sales and brand awareness throughout Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan. Running from early May to mid summer of two thousand eighteen, the program, designed to bring the Cyclones to the fans was driven to select events and locations, ready to connect directly with consumers to build brand awareness, educating them to the tons of fun and entertainment of attending a Brooklyn Cyclones game at their home stadium, MCU Park in beautiful Coney Island. A custom forty three inch HD monitor and hi fi sound system display dynamic content and promotional footage throughout the activation. Hot spot enabled and equipped with multiple tablets, connecting audiences to preselected online destinations while capturing valuable consumer data.

Fan 1

We’ve got our tickets here in the cart, and we’re so excited for the sign flow. Yeah. I’m excited.


The program delivered messaging that featured single and season ticket packages along with upcoming theme nights in the two thousand eighteen summer season.

Fan 2

She’s got her tickets from the car. We love the Cyclones. She’s got jerseys. They hooked us up. Come to the car whenever you come out. Let’s go cyclones, baby. Go cyclones.


Social media played a role in the program as well, promoting the showroom’s location and giving consumers the opportunity to share their experience with family and friends. The Cyclone show showroom, staffed with bilingual brand ambassadors, were trained to engage with consumers in five to seven minute conversations sharing the select talking points of the day.

Fan 4

We’re going to the game August ten. Thank you so much, guys.

Fan 5

It’s at. This car is amazing. It’s getting all the fans hyped. Come by, get a free ticket to the game.


Branded premiums, along with an enticing online sweepstakes, encouraged attendee participation, offering them a chance to win a variety of branded prizes and tickets. The numbers speak for themselves. The showroom’s four sided billboards generated millions of out of home media impressions throughout the program’s run. Hundreds of tickets were sold, thousands of sign ups were captured, and millions of impressions were delivered, making this a winning season for the Brooklyn Cyclones mobile showroom program.