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Ensuring that every episode resonates authentically with your brand’s unique voice and values, delivering a precise representation that engages your audience on a deeper level.

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Every aspect of your podcast production process runs smoothly and efficiently. From planning and recording to editing and distribution, providing a hassle-free experience .

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You’re empowered to shape your podcast’s narrative, but if you prefer, you can also hand over the reins to us, trusting our expertise to bring your vision to life seamlessly.

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case studies

In today’s digital landscape, the realm of communication is expanding, offering exciting avenues like podcasting to engage with specific audiences. Production Solved has collaborated with diverse organizations, crafting tailored podcasting strategies to captivate listeners. Below, we present a glimpse into some of our notable projects.

While exploring these case studies, remember that Production Solved is poised to collaborate with you in designing a unique online outreach strategy that aligns perfectly with your organization’s objectives. It’s essential to note that audience metrics can vary based on factors like promotional efforts and implementation strategies.

Ready to unlock the potential of podcasting for your organization? Let’s embark on this journey together, crafting compelling content that resonates with your audience.


Culinary institue of america

The Culinary Institute of America (CIA) leverages podcasts to showcase student life, the school's unique curriculum and experiences of various prominent alumni such as Duff Goldman, Sara Moulton & Cat Cora.

The challenge is to typically boil 30 minutes of audio conversation down to something more fast-paced and manageable for potential students and listeners who download the podcast.

Production Solved collaborated with the CIA to produce vibrant, 10-20 minute conversations showcasing students' unique experiences. We provided production support, script collaboration, and podcast feed integration, helping the CIA reach over 40,000 food enthusiasts and aspiring chefs worldwide.


index funds advisors (IFA)

Initially, we partnered with IFA to transform nine video vignettes on their website into a dynamic Podcast Feed.

We then adapted these videos into audio-only versions and distributed them across popular platforms like iTunes and Yahoo Podcasts.

Within the first six months, with the original 18 files (9 audio/ 9 video) IFA enjoyed early success to the tune of about 7,000 downloads.

Building on this success, we collaborated with IFA to create an original 12-part Podcast Series featuring their President, Mark Hebner. Professionally recorded and edited with diverse voice talent, the series has since amassed nearly 80,000 downloads, reflecting its growing popularity.


Graduate Management Admissions Council

In response to the fiercely competitive landscape for MBA applicants and graduates, Production Solved collaborated with GMAC to craft an ongoing podcasting strategy.

Focused on their knowledgeable and media-savvy President and CEO, Dave Wilson, the strategy delivered candid and structured commentaries. These insights, along with contributions from other GMAC experts, extend a virtual helping hand to prospective MBA students and graduates, offering invaluable market insights.

Through these podcasts, students gain a deeper understanding of the evolving graduate business school landscape.

Additionally, we produced Enhanced Podcasts for MBA.com, enabling consumers to navigate each episode seamlessly. With direct links to mentioned websites and the option to email feedback and questions, MBA.com engages with its audience effectively.

By employing a dual strategy to reach students and MBA program staff, the organization has cultivated distinct podcast audiences for MBA.com and GMAC.com, collectively reaching over 25,000 MBAs and prospective MBA candidates.

Podcast Production



In shaping your podcast concept and plan, we begin by attentively listening to your objectives. We then formulate a comprehensive strategy encompassing logistics, staffing, scheduling, content creation, and creative direction. Our commitment extends from the initial stages to the podcast’s delivery and subsequent analytics reporting.


We initiate the project blueprint, which serves as the foundation for the entire production process. This blueprint outlines the specific show format, episode key messages, working titles, run of show, hosts, platform selection, guide questions, and episode artwork (subject to approval).


Our team will guide and support all talent involved, ensuring they feel comfortable and welcomed during recording sessions, whether conducted virtually or in person. During recording sessions, we aim for a conversational tone, tailored to each episode’s structure and overall series tone. Our priority is to maintain a relaxed atmosphere, ensuring hosts and guests feel comfortable and authentic. Our team coaches talent to deliver content aligned with the pre-production plan and on-message for the topic.


After the recording session, we’ll edit the podcast according to the blueprint, aiming to minimize content edits while addressing any discussed stylistic adjustments. The edited podcast, featuring branding assets and refinements, will undergo your team’s review and approval before publication. Any necessary edits will be promptly addressed, with a revised version shared for final approval. Following approval, the podcast will be published as scheduled, aligning with the established editorial calendar.

Working with Sealed Air, to recognize the organization’s anniversary, we developed a podcast series that allowed the organization to share insights with long-term employees from throughout the organization.

Working with Sealed Air, to recognize the organization’s anniversary, we developed a podcast series that allowed the organization to share insights with long-term employees from throughout the organization.

Working with the National Headache Foundation we crafted a two-fold Podcast strategy; a series to share new information with patients, and a series to share medical updates with the health care professional community

A series of monthly awards presented to highlight members of the Cystic Fibrosis community around the country.

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Podcast Solutions

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